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Welcome to the newest issue of Be Well Informed. Spring has sprung and the temperatures are starting to warm up. In this issue of Be Well Informed, we are highlighting the importance of colorectal cancer screenings, how to identify skin cancer, and noting some pharmacy updates. We are also featuring a story about Wheelchairs for Warriors, a nonprofit organization that helps veterans regain their mobility. This issue’s recipe is a berry sweet treat, perfect for a picnic with the family. If you ever have any questions, please call Member Services at 800.67.USFHP or visit
We thank you again for giving CHRISTUS Health US Family Health Plan the opportunity and privilege of giving you the highest quality health care. We are so thankful that you have trusted us with your health care coverage.

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A Caregiver's Guide to Dealing with a Loved One's Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects not only the person with the loss, but also the loved ones in their life. As a caregiver, you might be aware of the signs: withdrawal from social situations, increased volume on music and TV, and regularly misunderstanding conversations or instructions. So how can you show your support during this often difficult time?

Be a Good Communicator

You may have realized by that communicating to a person with hearing loss takes extra effort. You must be face-to-face so your hearing impaired loved one can interpret your expression and lip read. Here are some important tips to keep the lines of communication open:

  • Maintain eye contact, facing the person as you speak
  • Don’t exaggerate your voice or lip movements, just speak clearly, using simple phrases
  • Don’t cover your mouth when you are speaking to hinder lip reading
  • Use the person’s name to capture their attention
  • Rephrase what you said rather than repeat it
  • Knowing context is very important, alert the person when you are about to change the subject

Be a Good Listener

As your loved one starts to realize they may have hearing loss, they may go through a grieving process. This is when you need to be a good listener and empathize with them. By letting them talk through it, you can better understand and support the grief stage they are currently experiencing.

Show Solidarity

Encourage a hearing screening to see the level of hearing loss and explore solutions, but don’t let them go it alone. Schedule a hearing check for the both of you. By being there, you can alleviate their fears and assist with treatment options. In honor of the Month of the Military Caregiver, CHRISTUS Health US Family Health Plan members can save even more. 

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