Apply for Medicaid or CHIP

Applying for Medicaid insurance or CHIP insurance is easy. In fact, families don’t even need to know whether they qualify or not. By applying, the Health and Human Services Commission will review your information to see which program applies for you.

Coverage is income-based, so you’ll need to have a few documents ready to apply:

  • Proof of income for each person in your home (pay stub, tax return, social security statement, letter from your employer, etc.)
  • Proof of expenses including alimony paid, moving expenses, tuition, student loan interest, educator expenses, IRA deduction, health savings account. This proof can only be a copy of a federal income tax return with the exception of alimony, which can be proven through a divorce decree, court order or a statement from the person receiving it.

Call 2-1-1 to apply or click below to start your application with the Health and Human Services Commission. If you have questions, call CHRISTUS Health Plan at 1-877-428-3057.

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Last updated: 2/23/17