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Having the protection of health insurance isn’t just essential – it’s required by healthcare reform. If you’re uninsured or looking to re-enroll for coverage, compare health insurance quotes through CHRISTUS Health Plan.

We offer family and individual health insurance exchange plans for Texas and New Mexico residents. You’ll have access to quality providers in your area. Plus benefits that give you peace of mind when you’re sick or injured. You may even quality for financial assistance depending on your household income and size. Enroll today to compare health insurance quotes and get the coverage your family needs.

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Health Insurance Exchange Rates

2018 New Mexico Exchange Rates - Santa Fe County
2018 New Mexico Exchange Rates - Statewide
2018 Texas Exchange Rates - Bowie
2018 Texas Exchange Rates - Corpus Christi
2018 Texas Exchange Rates - Rural
2018 Texas Exchange Rates - Southeast
2018 Texas Exchange Rates - Tyler
2018 Texas Exchange Rates - Victoria

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Last Updated: 2/23/17